Crane Hire Options

As with all leading Crane Hire companies we work to the terms and conditions of the CPA (Construction Plant hire Asociation) and in accordance with BS7121 ("The Safe Use of Cranes"). When hiring a crane from Island Crane Hire you have the option to hire on a CPA Standard Hire or CPA Contract Lift basis.

Option 1 - CPA Standard Hire

Island Crane Hire will only provide a crane on a CPA Crane Hire basis if the customer has a competent Appointed Person to plan and manage the whole of the lifting operations. Under CPA Crane Hire conditions it is the customer's responsibility to plan, control, insure the crane operation and all personnel involved with the lift.

Under the terms of a standard CPA Crane Hire Agreement, the crane and the operator are the responsibility of the customer once the crane leaves the public highway in order to access site. This includes travel on any access roads in the event that the site is not immediately adjacent to the public highway

Option 2 - CPA Full Contract Lift

A Contract Lift undertaken by Island Crane Hire will give you peace of mind that all lifting operations will comply fully with BS7121 and be performed by competent, trained staff.

Under the terms of a standard CPA Contract Lift, the crane / equipment, operator and all personnel supplied with the crane, (including the Appointed Person / Crane Supervisor) are the responsibility of the crane owner.

Health & Safety

It is our policy to ensure all reasonable measures are taken for the Health & Safety of our employees whilst at work, and comply with the requirements of 'The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).

Island Crane Hire have put safety as the highest priority within the company and therefore can offer safety training schemes to our customers.

There are a number of courses available upon request.

Listed below is a summary of the modules available:

Quality Assurance

It is Island Crane Hire's aim to survive and prosper in the business of Crane Hire Services. To achieve this primary objective, our strategy can be summarised as follows:-

In pursuit of this strategy, it is our policy to manage all aspects of the business diligently and particularly to adhere to procedures and working practices in a recorded and monitored manner. We will ensure by means of effective communication that all procedures are fully understood, and through appropriate training and supervision that it is maintained in all our operations.

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